Sometimes it happens. The impossible became possible. With the help of an experienced teacher, who seems to know the students own limits better than themselves. 


This hands-on course is designed for new and also experienced teachers to improve their ability of and knowledge about yogic adjustments. During Teacher Training Courses there is very often a lack of time to really practice hands-on adjustments.   During teaching own classes those are fundamental - but also sometimes attached with a feeling of confusion on behalf of the teacher which leads to even more confusion within the student. 


This intensive course shows safe, gentle - yet powerful and effective - ways to adjust students in order to gain more awareness for the posture - resulting in achieving the full benefits. Participants will be provided a toolbox of adjustments for selected asanas in the Primary Series. As a hand-on course, you will gain experience and confidence in making adjustments with  feedback from the teachers and other class participants. Of course correct alignment is necessary and fundamental before a teacher guides the student deeper into an asana. That is why this course also involves a deeper look into this topic. 


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