Nina Holler & Deepak Kappala

Nina, from Eisenstadt, Austria, a graduate in cultural and social anthropology, first traveled to India after the death of her beloved aunt Gerti in 2008. A journey that changed everything. India was intense, far, overwhelming. She wrote her diploma thesis on spiritual seekers and experienced herself as such. She lived and studied in ashrams in the South and North of the subcontinent, gaining intense self-experience through yoga and meditation, and joined her first yoga education through the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Academy at Jai Singh Ghera Ashram in Vrindavan (2010). This was followed by years of teaching and learning in Austria, more than 15 trips to India, workshops and an Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher Training - and the feeling of having found a second home in India. Patnem in Goa, South India, has become a "home base". In addition, she continued her education through various intensive workshops and trainings, including the Samahitha Yoga Retreat in Thailand. 

Deepak was born in Kerala (South India), the son of a fishing family, left his homeland in his teens, lived and worked for years in various major cities in India. Lack of prospects characterized his years in Mumbai, until he received access to a massage training with the help of a friend. This profession changed everything for him. The gift of his healing hands was quickly recognized, so he was soon engaged in the best yoga and health retreats in Goa and Sri Lanka. After the tsunami disaster in Sri Lanka, he returned home to India and has since found the center of his activities in Patnem, Goa. He first began to practice yoga to keep himself healthy. Soon he did a yoga training in the Sivananda tradition (in Uttarkashi), Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teacher training with Ajay Kumar in Mysore and some others.
He taught in Patnem, where he first met Nina. They shared a deep understanding of others' actions and a passion for their life- plans. Friendship turned into love and soon they opened their first joint Yogashala on the beach of Patnem. Influenced by their different backgrounds, they developed different ways of teaching and focusing, which in combination allow versatile perspectives on body concepts, thought patterns and - ultimately - a new perspective on experiencing yogic practices. Teaching students in various countries of Europe and India, they are always trying to share and convey the essence of yoga, which eliminates the mat-life tension and recognizes practice as a vehicle for a fulfilling and well-balanced life.
To summarize a few words: 

Look inside. Live happy. Live the moment.And practice yoga to make it most out of it. 

 "The Real Yoga Journey" began with the birth of their son Nayan Siva in March 2015. Along with his first breath he became the biggest teacher of his parents.

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